Account & Profile Setup

This page assists newbie users to set up their accounts before work & earn on Social Mining.

1. Find a Social Mining Platform

To get started, you need to find a project with a Social Mining platform that you want to dedicate your time to support.

Currently, Avalanche's Avalanche Hub, DAO Labs' DAOVERSE, Polgyon's Polygon Hub, Kava's Kava Hub, WAX's WAX Hub, and TON's TC Hub are open for everyone to join.

2. Account Registration

Social Mining supports various registration options, allowing sign-up with Email, Google account, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub. Different Social Mining platforms have different signup options.

DAOVERSE supports the following signup options: Email, Google account, and Twitter.

Once you have registered your account, a welcome tutorial will appear on the interface. You can go through each step or skip that and just follow the instructions in this documentation.

3. Complete Your Profile

After the initial registration, you should complete your profile. Click your avatar on the top-right corner, then click "Profile" from the dropdown menu to open your profile page.

a. Connect your wallet

On the profile page, you should connect your wallet first. Please make sure the wallet you connected is a non-custodial wallet.

For Social Mining projects that have already minted and distributed their native tokens, you must hold a minimum amount of the project's native tokens to be eligible for incentives. Usually, the minimum amount of token is in between the equivalent of 25 to 100 USD, varying on different Social Mining platforms. Moreover, you will receive an Influence score primarily based on the number of tokens you hold in your wallet. Influence score can partly determine your voting power in governance.

There will not be a minimum holding requirement for Social Mining projects that have yet to mint their native tokens.

Payout will be distributed periodically in the form of a Workdrop to the connected wallet once you earn Reputation and Points.

DAOVERSE supports ERC-20 wallet connection via MetaMask, and the Workdrop will be distributed at the beginning of every month.

b. Provide basic profile information

After connecting your wallet, you should provide information about yourself in the "Basic profile information" section.

By providing this information, you help admins and users who visit your profile know your name, native language, residing country, and biography. Most importantly, Social Mining will push relevant content to you based on the information you provide.

Don't forget to upload your avatar to make yourself more recognizable in the community.

c. Connect your social media accounts

After providing information about yourself, you should connect your social media accounts in the "Social accounts details" section.

After connecting your social media account, you can participate in Social Mining's social media programs to earn incentives by utilizing your social influence.

d. Enable 2FA

We recommend you enable 2FA to enhance the security of your Social Mining account. You will need to install Google Authenticator on your mobile to enable 2FA.

You can get the Google Authenticator QR code by clicking the "2FA" tab on your profile page.

4. Complete the Onboarding Survey

After completing your profile, we suggest you complete the onboarding survey by clicking the "Get a role Now" button on the top of the Social Mining interface.

A role will be assigned to you by completing the onboarding survey, enabling you to participate in specialized Tasks based on the skill you selected in the survey.

Now, you have completed your account and profile setup. You can earn rewards by participating in Community Board, Tasks, and Social Media Programs.

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