Community Board

The Community Board is the main area that community members use to earn Reputation and Points through exercised governance and contributions.

Community Board Overview

The purpose of the Community Board is to create an incentive loop for users to generate and validate contributions that can be mutually beneficial to the project's ecosystem growth.

The Community Board is built upon the principle that token holders should play an essential role in the ecosystem building, helping the team encourage good behavior in the community through a decentralized validation process.

What contributions should be submitted to the Community Board?

The Community Board is a place that helps you present your contributions to the rest of the community so that others can validate your work to allocate Points rewards to you.

In general, you can submit proof of any meaningful contribution that can help grow the fundamental value of the project ecosystem.

Such work can include:

  • Translation of articles, documentation, project blogs.

  • In-depth articles about the project's specific areas published on essential media outlets

  • Infographics or YouTube videos created to explain complex concepts

  • Product improvement solutions, such as better blockchain explorer design

  • Local channel management, such as managing a Chinese community group

Here are two contributions submitted by two users from the NEM community:

How does the Community Board work?

The Community Board consists of two main features: Activity submission for contributors and governance for validators. Both features allow users to earn Reputations & Points.

1. Work & Earn as a Contributor

To start earning Points and Reputations with the Community Board as a contributor, click the "Submit Activity" button on the lower right corner.

After clicking the "Submit Activity" button, you will enter a page that you need to follow instructions to fill in all information about the contribution you made.

You should upload a cover image of your work, a link to your contribution, choose an activity type/category & title, and describe your contribution as detailed as possible.

Then, you can click the "Submit" button to submit your contribution for other users to validate.

After an average of 7 days, the validation will end, and rewards will be assigned to your account based on the number of Upvotes and Downvotes you revived in the Activity.

Please note that Activities can be voted on by users for up to 7 days, but only votes devoted on the first 3 days after the Activity is published will be subject to assigning Points.

The reason for implementing non-rewardable votes is for content curation that pushes up Activities with good content to the Trending page for more users to see it.

For more details, please read "Community Board Voting".

2. Vote & Earn as a Validator

You can earn Validator Rewards by upvoting an Activity.

Users who validate the Activity within 15 hours after its publication will receive Validator Rewards, usually 10% - 30% of the Activity author's Points. Therefore, the more upvotes a post gets, it benefits all early validators as they will receive more rewards.

The Validator Rewards for all voters decreases while the time progresses after the publication of the Activity. We recommend you vote for an Activity as early as possible to maximize the Validator Rewards.

Please read Validator Rewards to understand how voters' rewards are calculated.

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