How to upload images to a task or an activity?

Upload images to your submission making it more appealing

When publishing a submission to a task or an activity to the Community Board, it might be necessary for some users to include images to make their content more appealing.

Supported Image Types

The image upload function supports the following image types: PNG, JPEG, and GIF.

Video Tutorial

How to upload images?

On Social Mining, users can upload images via the text editor to describe their content when submitting to a task or the Community Board.

1- Click the image icon leading users to a pop-up window. Then click the "Upload" button, leading users to a page where they can upload their images.

2- By clicking "Choose file," users will be directed to their file explorer, where they can choose the image file they want to upload.

3- After selecting the image file, the user must click "Send it to the server" to upload the image to the server. Please wait for a couple of seconds while the file is uploading. Once done, the user will be directed to the "Image Info" page of the pop-up window.

4- On the "Image Info" page, users can modify their image size and alignments. Once all the modifications are completed, users can click "Okay," and the image will be inserted into the text editor.

If users do not like the image size or alignments, they can double-click the image in the text editor and modify it again.

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