Influence, Reputation, Points

This page describes the factors determining the user's three most essential indexes.

This section describes the factors determining the user's three most essential indexes.

In most Social Mining platforms, these are three essential indexes: Influence, Reputation, and Points.

Influence determines voting powers, and Points & Reputation determine the Payout.

What is Influence?

Your Influence represents your position in the Social Mining DAO, where higher Influence will give you more voting power within the ecosystem's governance and vice versa. Essentially, Influence is the central foundation of a DAO on Social Mining, allowing the community to decide the payout for each contribution in a decentralized manner.

Your Influence score does not determine your payout on the default setup.

How is Influence calculated?

1. Projects with native tokens minted & distributed.

There are three types of factors that determine a user's Influence, the Investor Index, the Labour Index, and small weight factors.

  • The Investor Index determines 65% of the Influence.

Once users connect their wallets, the Investor Index will be calculated after their wallets are scanned (every day at 0:00 UTC+1).

The Investor Index considers token holding amount and token holding time as essential factors. Token holding amount determines 60% of the Investor Index and token holding time determines 40% of the Investor Index.

  • The Labour Index determines 30% of the Influence.

  • Small weighted factors determine 5% of the Influence.

Once users start to work and receive Points and Reputation, the Labor Index will be assigned to each user.

Points determine 35% of the Labour Index, and Reputation defines 65% of the Labour Index.

  • Impressions & Engagements generated via Social Media Program

  • Quantified activeness on Social Mining (time spent & actions conducted)

  • Number of followers on Social Mining

  • Number of voting credits spent

2. Projects yet to mint their native token

A project without any native token can still use Social Mining to achieve decentralized governance. In this case, the Influence of each user is primarily determined by the user's Labour Index.

The initial governance power will be granted to core team members or influential community leaders to distribute Reputation & Points to contributors on the Community Board by spending their initial voting credits or distributing Reputation & Points via Tasks.

Once users receive enough Reputations & Points, the governance power will be shifted to the community, slowly moving from centralized to decentralized governance.

What are Points & Reputation?

Reputation & Points are crucial factors in Social Mining. The previous section, "What is Influence?", explains that Reputation & Points determine the user's Labour Index, which in return affects their Influence score.

In addition, the Labour Index determines a user's payout.

In Social Mining, Reputation represents the quality of a user's contribution, while Points represent the quantity of a user's work. In other words, users can earn Points by contributing work and making Reputation points based on the quality of their work.

How to earn Reputation & Points?

Reputation & Points, as the essential factors of the Labour Index, must be earned by users through contributing meaningful work.

In Social Mining, there are several ways to earn Reputation & Points:

  • Community Board participation (govern & contribute)

  • Completing Tasks

  • Social Media Program

  • Referral Program

1. Earn from the Community Board

Any eligible user can earn Reputation & Points by governing or contributing to the Community Board.

Users can submit their proof of contributions to the project as "Activities" on the Community Board to earn Reputation & Points by other users' validation. An Activity will be open for voting for an average of seven days. Users can validate this Activity with Upvotes or Downvotes. Once the voting is closed, the user will earn Points based on the number of Upvotes and Downvotes received.

Points earned per Activity = the number of Upvotes - the number of Downvotes

Trending Activities that receive the most Upvotes will earn Reputation.

Users who validate the Activity within 15 hours after its publication will receive Validator Rewards, usually 10% - 30% of the Activity author's Points.

The Validator Reward was designed to incentivize governance.

Please read Community Board and Validator Rewards for more details.

2. Earn from Tasks

Users can earn Points & Reputation by completing Tasks.

Tasks are prepared by the project team that operates the Social Mining platform.

The rewards of each Task may vary based on the difficulties, and each Task will specify requirements and reward details.

Once the user submits the proof of contribution, administrators will primarily validate each submission.

If the submission meets the Task's requirement, administrators will confirm the request, and rewards will be sent out in Points and Reputation to the author.

If the bid does not meet the requirement, administrators can reject the submission or ask the author for re-assignment.

Please read Tasks for more details.

3. Earn from Social Media Programs

Users can earn Reputation & Points by participating in Social Media Programs on Social Mining.

Social Mining supports the following Social Media Programs: Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Instagram.

Each program has different rules, but users must first connect their respective Social Media accounts to join the program.

In some Social Mining platforms, users must have a minimum amount of Reputation to join the Social Media Programs.

Please read Twitter Program for more details.

4. Earn from the Referral Program

Users can earn Reputations & Points from the Referral Program.

Users must have a minimum amount of required Reputation to access the Referral Program.

Users will not be rewarded if their friends join the Social Mining platform via the referral link. They will get Reputations & Points once their invitees receive Reputations & Points from work.

Eligible users can generate two referral links: The Full option and the Half option.

The Full option allows the referring actor to receive 10% on top of the Reputation & Points of the invitees' work.

The Half option allows inviters to receive 5% of the Reputations & Points on top of the invitees from work while the invitees receive another 5%.

That stands in direct relation to the Payout received by the referred working user.

The Referral Program was designed to ensure no empty referrals are being rewarded, ensuring inviters supervise invitees to do more work because the more work invitees do, the more rewards inviters will receive.

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