Validator Rewards

This page explains how the validation system work. Users can vote on other users' contributions to make decent earnings.

What are Validator Rewards?

Validator Rewards are designed to incentivize users to upvote other people's quality work, helping the community and the team behind the project to push up good content generated by the community, while bad content is being downvoted to punish destructive behaviour.

10% - 30% of the Points & Reputations an Activity received will be distributed to users who upvoted the post early.

Validator Rewards gives an earning option to users who cannot create valuable work to make a decent income by judging others' contributions.

Validator Rewards apply to users that participate in voting in the Community Board.

Validator Rewards Formula

The following factors influence users' Validator Rewards:


The time between submitting an Activity and users' upvotes to that Activity is essential in Validator Rewards calculation.

The earlier the user upvotes the Activity after its submission, the more rewards the user will receive. This will help the contribution to pick up speed and in the best case go viral.

Users who upvote the Activity after 15 hours of publication will not receive any Validator Rewards.

The above graph shows how rewards decrease in percentage while time progresses in hours. The incentives stay stable in the first 4 hours, then falls quickly.

Such a decreasing linear function in Validator Rewards calculation is designed to reward users who spent efforts to find good content from a pool of mixed Activities that varies in quality and upvote it to the top.

Once users push good content to the top, influential users can upvote or promote that content quickly.

User Influence (Voting Power)

The more you upvote an Activity, the more you will receive from the total Validator Rewards.

Each user has a different amount of upvotes every day, depending on the user's Influence score. Essentially, the bigger of an Influence score you have, the more upvote credits you will receive.

Please read Influence, Reputations, Points to know how to increase your Influence score.

Voting Restrictions

Users can not upvote or downvote 100% of their voting credits to one Activity.

In the Social Mining V1 design, users can only upvote or downvote a maximum of 50% of their remaining voting credits to an Activity.

Such design ensures large token holders will not have too much power in governance, allowing more meaningful Activities to get rewards.

Ways to Maximize Your Validator Rewards:

  • Try to upvote the Activity with more voting credits than other users.

  • Try to find good content early before other users have found it.

  • Flag spammy content that you think others would flag as well.

  • The team and elected members can feature other users' work. Looking at the current featured content can help you understand what Activities you should upvote.

  • Try to upvote content that elected members of the community will feature.

  • Upvote content that is likely to be upvoted by elected members. Such Activities are usually contributions that have a beneficial impact on the ecosystem and the token price.

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