Twitter Program

This page explains how the Twitter Program works on Social Mining, allowing community influencers to earn income based on the engagements & impressions their tweets get. Monetizing their Social Media.

What is Twitter Program?

The Twitter Program is an automated social media marketing tool that allows eligible Social Mining users to earn by promoting the project via their Twitter accounts.

Social Mining's Twitter Program features Twitter API connection, engagement & impression-based incentive mechanism, featured tweets, and auto-adding hashtags & mentions.

You can connect your Twitter account via your Profile Page. Please read "Account & Profile Setup" to understand how to connect your Twitter account.

How to Earn Points & Reputation with Twitter Program?

1. Get started with Twitter!

You must fulfill specific requirements to earn Points & Reputation with the Twitter Program.

Besides connecting your Twitter account, you have to ensure that it has more than the minimum number of followers required. This number varies on different Social Mining platforms.

In addition, some Social Mining platforms require users to have more than the minimum amount of Reputation needed to join the Twitter Program.

Once you access the Twitter Program, you can earn first Points by following the project's official Twitter account to begin your journey of becoming a Twitter influencer!

At DAO Labs, we want to help our users to gain new skills and grow. To maximize your earnings, you need to try and improve yourself constantly. Do not worry, our team and community will help you.

2. Follow the instructions to make your first tweet

You must follow the instructions on the Social Mining Twitter Program page. The requirements may change daily. However, usually, it requests either to include a specific #hashtag, @mention, or an HTTP link.

Follow the instructions shown on the platform and publish your tweet.

3. Wait and get rewarded

The system will evaluate how people interact with your tweet and grade the quality of your tweet after 72 hours. We want to give each tweet enough time to find its full potential.

After 72 hours, you will see the results of your tweet on the Twitter Program. It shows the number of impressions or engagements your tweet got from other users on Twitter.

Reputation & Points will be assigned to you based on the number of impressions or engagements your tweet received.

You will only receive Reputation if your tweet has an outstanding performance.

You will lose your reputation if your tweet is considered harmful or spammy. If you lose too much Reputation, you will no longer be allowed in the Twitter Program.

Twitter Restrictions

Only a certain number of tweets & retweets will be rewarded every week.

In a standard Social Mining platform, only 5 tweets and 10 retweets will be rewarded. Such a design ensures no users spam low-value tweets.

Tips for earning more rewards with Twitter

The general rule is to create organic creative tweets, and you will earn the most rewards.

Generating original content for your tweets increases your chance of earning additional Reputation, which will boost your payouts through Workdrops.

A unique text is crucial for the Twitter Program. Besides excluding spammy tweets from being rewarded, we want users to spend their time creating quality tweets that give users more rewards.

Accounts created only to farm airdrops, bounty campaigns, and giveaways with low-quality tweets will not be helpful to fellow crypto users. Therefore we punish those harmful accounts through our Twitter algorithm.

Each tweet should include unique text and proper (trending) hashtags, plus having required hashtags over the platform, including trending hashtags of your tweet's topic.

You can use this website to check if the hashtag you want to include is trending. The hashtag should have above 50 hourly mentions.

If you tweet about DeFi or NFT, tag people interested in that topic. We suggest focusing on micro-influencers rather than big ones since they have close to no-conversion rates.

Big influencers will most likely not engage with the tweet, meaning you need to be wise while tagging people. Make sure the user is interested in a topic you are tweeting about, and tag people who have close followers to you or just slightly above yours.

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